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Everything has a home – really


Even the most unlikely objects can find a home. All it takes is a little time, a bit of patience, and the desire to avoid having anything go into landfill.

As we have moved to declutter our home and life, I’ve been using as a tool to help find some of the most random items new homes. It’s a great service, that allows users to post items up as an “Offer”, or as an item that is “Wanted”. All for free, with no exchange of cash. And the best part, is that it’s all local. Users join relevant ‘groups’ based on proximity and location, so there’s no shipping or long-distance driving that occurs once someone wants an “Offer”.

In a future reality, our home won’t need to ‘get rid’ of anything, as I plan on moving towards a zero waste lifestyle. But in the meantime, there are items that we want to de-clutter and remove from our house, that are best given away for free (vs. hoping to get a little bit of value). Landfill is not an option.

Here are just some of the items that I’ve found new homes for through Freecycle:

– 4″ cardboard mailing tube
– Moving boxes
– Plastic containers from plants
– Old broken bricks and mortar
– Potted plants
– Curtain rods
– Metal scraps

And much more.

My hope is that soon we won’t need this type of service as we won’t have any objects to “freecycle”, but in the meantime, it’s a great service to find homes for objects that no longer have value in your own home, but still have value.

Author: Jane Newcomb

“Stems and All” is my personal journey to become a more environmentally responsible human, live a more sustainable life, and practice sustainable consuming habits.

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