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Juicer juice recipe #2


Now that we’ve decided to keep the juicer (at least while it still adds value and happiness), I’ve started experimenting with different fruit and vegetable recipes. I will commit to using the juicer at least once per week, and see what happens.

Here’s for my next juicing attempt!

juicer juice recipe 2 | stems and all

Ingredients for juicer juice recipe.

– 3 beets (1 medium, 2 small)
– 1 cucumber
– Kale (about 5 leaves)
– 1 apple

Interesting color. Additionally, it turned out a bit watery and had a fairly strong earthy flavor. Color was def a bit shocking… Not sure I would put this one on the top of the list to make again.

Stay tuned!

juicer juice results 2 | stems and all

Final juice from recipe #2.

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